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Engagement Model

Avise Analytics offer flexible engagement models to deliver effective and customized solutions to varied clients and to their diverse needs be it on-going, project driven or ad-hoc research needs. We understand that each client’s requirement is unique and vary with time driven by business dynamics, specific event-triggered changes, external market environment, etc. Through building and establishing engagement models that match customized needs of our clients and delivering top quality of deliverables, we ensure our clients can focus more on their client engagement activities, broaden their clientele base and offerings, etc. This tends to drive high return on our client’s investment and overall customer satisfaction. Another advantage of our engagement models is clients have greater control and convenience to ramp-up or ramp-down their team size quickly by utilizing our services in proportionate to their business demand scenarios.

We offer the following models of engagement:

Full Time/Retainer Model

Avise serves as an extended research team of the client, providing services across the spectrum, from data management to extensive financial and investment research services. We offer you complete flexibility to engage our resources exclusively for your projects. This model is most ideally suitable for financial services and consulting clients that have a steady flow of research work to outsource. And corporate clients that have requirements for a ready team to handle their investor relations services without adding fixed costs, as well support their fund raising program. For example,

Brokerages, Investment banks have an on-going requirement for daily news analysis, company research (initiation and maintenance), thematic research, market intelligence, investment banking support, etc.

Private equity firms and asset managers need on-going support for thematic research, idea generation, screening, monitoring, updates, etc.

Consulting firms and Corporates have a mix of on-going and on-demand work related to investor relation services and pitch deck preparation.

A dedicated model of engagement ensures that clients get continuous support from the team. Not only are turnaround times faster in this model, but the client benefits by having the same set of analysts working on their requirements. The client is assured they are receiving timely and highest quality and services. This is a quicker and a better way to build scale and have total control over the team without undertaking heavy upfront investment.

On-Demand Capacity Addition Model

Avise offers a greater flexibility to clients by allowing them to ramp up the size of their outsourced team depending upon their projects flow, work pressure and without disturbing the fixed cost component of your total operating expenses.

This model is preferred by clients that have an unpredictable workflow, and require on-demand support on a recurring basis. For example,

Brokerages look for quick turnaround and quality support especially during busy earnings season and capacity addition on time-sensitive projects.

Investment bankers and private equity partners requiring time-sensitive research support while working on deals.

Typically, the overall work volume is more than a one-off project but does not justify having a full-time dedicated resource.

Project-based Model

Avise also offers custom capacity allocation based on clients’ specific requirements. This model is most suited for clients that have a one-time requirement for research or business services support as well as for those for who cannot forecast work requirements in the immediate term but are sure of specific needs that require analyst support. Such one-off projects conducted for the client generally spans from a few days to a couple of months. For example,

Investment bankers may require one-time business support to evaluate the merits of a large potential acquisition deal.

To assist broker-dealers’ in-house research team in developing and designing company/sector reports templates.

The Project-based Model is typically a Fixed Price Arrangement. A well defined requirement document is prepared, shared and agreed upon. Avise works with the client to define delivery and milestones and monitoring methods. Project deliverables, timelines and resource utilization are pre-defined hence considered to be a low-risk model for both client and Avise. However, where the effort cannot be reasonably estimated at the outset, we work on a Time and Material basis as well.

Upon completion of the project, all deliverables, documentation and ownership is transferred to the client. On-going maintenance can be taken up by Avise (transition to an retainer model) or handed over to the Client’s in-house team.

Customized Engagements

Under our customized engagement model, we combine elements of our other models to optimize costs and maximize efficiency. For example, an engagement may start on a FTE basis while the requirements and scope of the engagement are being defined and then move to a Project based to continue. This model allows for scalability and has enormous operational benefits. This model is well suited for clients that do not fit well into a single type of engagement.

Avise bears all risks for project delivery, and assumes complete leadership and control of the project on behalf of the clients. We can work out other suitable engagement models if required. Please contact us today to discuss more on this.

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