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5 Companies On A Mission to Redefine Live Video Streaming

20 Jan 5 Companies On A Mission to Redefine Live Video Streaming

According to a report by Grand View Research Inc, the global Video Streaming market will reach and estimated USD 124.57 Billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 19.6 percent. The growth is due to the availability of high speed internet such as 3G, 4G and LTE, which is causing an increase in the demand for online and on-demand content.  The emergence of online streaming platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu is challenging the content dished out by conventional television channels. In fact a report by ResearchandMarkets predicts that the online Music Streaming industry alone will be worth over US$56.7 Billion, growing at an impressive CAGR of 33.6 percent.

As per an estimate over 100 million internet users watch videos online and 92 percent of these users share video content with others. Live Video is also one if the fastest growing segment in terms of ad revenue, with an impressive 113 percent growth in ad revenues, outperforming the growth of other forms of online video. Another interesting statistic is that 45 percent of live video users are willing to pay for live content. Live streaming solutions have wide applicability, transcending its current use for entertainment streaming. The technology can be applied to various segments of the economy such as news, business meetings, training, education, advertising campaigns, ecommerce and online shopping as well.

The technology provides an opportunity to connect to target audiences and opens up new revenue streams. The industry is still at a nascent stage, being limited to passive broadcasts over TV’s, which will gradually evolve into more personalised live streaming experiences as the technology evolves and adaptation improves.

LiveXLive Media (NASDAQ: LIVX)

Market Cap: $95.77M; Current Share Price: 1.65 USDChart
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A global digital media Company focused exclusively on Live Entertainment, LiveXLive operates one of the leading live music streaming platforms of the world, besides operating Slacker Radio, a music streaming pioneer. In addition the Company produces original music-related content such as premium live streams, digital audio, and on-demand music content from top music festivals and concerts around the world.

LiveXLive Media is a global entertainment Company that is engaged in acquisition, distribution and monetization of digital entertainment content such as live music, Internet radio, and music-related streaming and video content. The Company recently signed a production and distribution partnership with Samsung, which involves capturing 10 live events using Samsung XR app, which enables users to experience tentpole music events through use of cutting-edge technology such as holographics, volumetric video and on-site augmented reality.

Image Source: Company

In addition, LiveXLive will also provide customers access to long and short form VR and 360 content like pilots and artist collaboration as part of the agreement. LiveXLive has strategic multi-year partnership collaborations with reputed music content providers, with live streaming rights to more than 1500 music festivals and events covering various brands, bands and fans.

The Company has live streamed important musical festivals with more than 291 hours of live content featuring 233 artists since April 2019, including over 300 short-form original segments comprising short-form live performances pilots, lifestyle segments and podcasts as per a Company statement.

Some of events covered by the Company include Rock in Rio, EDC Las Vegas, Hangout music Festival, facilitating audience access to premium events, original content, exclusive artist and industry interviews. Furthermore it offers customers’ access to millions of expert-curated stations through its internet radio service names Slacker, besides a social influencer network named LiveXLive influencers.

The Meet Group (NASDAQ: MEET)

Market Cap: $413.76M; Current Share Price: 5.77 USDChart
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The Meet Group is a leading provider of live streaming services that fulfill the human need for connection, using innovation to bring people together. The Company uses machine learning, industry-leading practices and a dedicated team of people to create a safe environment for its users. The Company’s portfolio of mobile apps and services includes sites such as Meetme, Lovoo, Skout, Tagged and Growler.

The Company was ranked as one of the one of the fastest growing companies in North America by the Deloitte group amongst some of the leading technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America.

Image Source: Company

The Company started its live video streaming work in 2016, along with the acquisition of Skout. The Company is now commercially testing the Video Platform as a Service (vPaaS). Live video is one of the fastest growing products in the Company’s portfolio, with over $100 million in video revenue since 2017. The meet group is committed to user safety and takes stringent measure to ensure that live broadcasts are monitored using high content moderation standards to ensure user safety. The Company’s aim is to “deliver meaningful interactions through its interactive livestreaming apps”, while it continues to invest in its core business, it will also seek opportunities to expand into new categories to attract new customers and grow its margins.

The Company has introduced new features such as NextDate, Streamer and Viewer levels, 1:1 video chat, tiered VIP Badges and first time buyer bonus to boost its video business. In addition it is actively pursuing the commercial viability of vPaaS by testing its appeal for third party apps in areas such as Gaming, Music, News, Shopping, and Social Apps.

The Meet Group recently announced its collaboration announced its collaboration and welcomed a new tool from Microsoft, which helps detect on-line predatory behaviour aimed at child exploitation, using an algorithm-based technology. The grooming detection technique named “Project Artemis” is capable of detecting, disrupting and reporting illegal content and preventing child sexual exploitation.


Market Cap: $5.34B; Current Share Price: 66.14 USDChart
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The Company aims to connect people and improve their lives through video by enabling a global platform for human interaction. Its services are spread over 150+ countries including US, Canada, Europe, Middle East , Russia, Korea and Japan to name a few. YY has over 433 million MAU’s, and enjoys the distinction of being the number 1 global live streaming platforms, besides being the foremost video-communication-focused instant messaging platform in the world. YY has evolved from being an app in video communication to a comprehensive instant messaging ecosystem with enriched content, enjoying the patronage of more than 9.6 million out of 17.5 million IMO users for its short-form videos on IMO in 2019.

Image Source: Company

The Company’s LIKEE is considered an influential community among young users, making inroads into both developed and developing markets by concentrating its efforts on enhancing user engagement and stickiness. In addition the Company also offers HAGO, a leading casual-game oriented social platform with an average 60 minute daily time spent, with plans of monetization to leverage in its growing popularity in South East Asia and beyond.

YY Live is a leader in the Chinese Live streaming industry with leading position in terms of Mobile MAU’s, Mobile DAU’s, Average Daily time spent and paying users. The Company offers localized content to its local community of users creating a highly interactive social atmosphere. Its overseas market offers a high potential for monetization as it is still in its nascent stage. YY is leveraging its AI centered approach to provide personalized content that uses machine learning and algorithm capabilities to enhance user experience.

DouYU International Holdings ltd (NASDAQ: DOYU)

Market Cap: $3.04B; Current Share Price: 9.37 USDChart
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DouYu is one of the largest game-centric live streaming platforms, and a pioneer of the eSports arena, which offers engaging content, immersive games and entertainment live streaming through mobile apps and PC. The Company’s comprehensive streamer development system enables it to deliver high quality streaming content to engage, attract and retain its viewers. The Company is leveraging its expertise to gain a strong foothold in the emerging eSports industry in China; it has made strategic investments and collaborations with valuable players of the eSports industry giving it access to premium sports content.

Image Source: Company

In addition, the Company also produces its own content through organizing tournaments to improve user engagement and stickiness. DouYo uses its proprietary technology consisting of powerful technology infrastructure and big data analytical capabilities to gain valuable user insights, which are then used to offer personalized content,  providing an unmatched value proposition for users, advertisers and channel partners alike.

DouYo also offers live streaming of varied entertainment content such as music, outdoor events, talent shows and travel related content. Furthermore it allows users to watch replays of some live streaming content, besides having the option of editing and uploading their own short video clips. The Company is backed by investment from Tencent Holdings, china’s internet and gaming behemouth.

Torque Esports Corp (OTCQB: MLLLF)

Market Cap: $2.34M; Current Share Price: 1.84 USDChart
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The Company formerly known as Millennial Esports Corp changed its name to Torque Esports Corp. in October 2019, and offers solutions in the area of e-sports racing and professional motorsports including mobile applications, data analytics, content and execution tools. Torque’s subsidiary Stream Hatchet is a data analytics company that offers live streaming analytics, eSport industry research, API services and consulting services. The technology enables companies to collect data and identify influences, which can be used to create targeted ads and offerings for the relevant audience.

Image Source: Company

Companies can search for any live streaming channel and get information about trends, track audience metrics, evaluate team analytics through aggregated data. In addition it also facilitates tracking of audience engagement metrics such as average viewing time, chat analytics, unique viewers. It also incorporates multi platform capability with the ability to track information from all popular live streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Facebook, Panda, Douyu, and Huya.

Torque also conducts an eSports competition named IDEAS+CARS for the racing industry and is the creator and IP holder for World’s fastest gamer, besides being the developer of a popular Game Studio called Eden Games. The Company also provides hardware for racing simulators for F1 and pro racing drivers under the brand name Allinsports, which has been a technical partner of the Ferrari Driver Academy since its inception in 2009 and is a technical partner to Ferrari in simulator development as per a Company statement.

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