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Innovation Solutions & Support Going Full Throttle on the Runway to Success

23 Jan Innovation Solutions & Support Going Full Throttle on the Runway to Success

Innovative Solutions and Support (NASDAQ: ISSC), a manufacturer of Flight guidance and cockpit display system, announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with an Original Equipment Manufacturer for its ThrustSense® auto-throttle, to be included as standard equipment as part of new aircraft production. The system offer multiple advantages over traditional thrust control systems such as improved flight safety, reduced pilot workload and enhanced engine protection. In addition the system also incorporates an FAA-certified, patented safety feature namely VMCa that offers protection against loss of control.

The safety features enables an aircraft to adjust the power on the remaining engine, in case of  an aircraft engine failure, thereby helping pilots to maintain safe control of the aircraft. ThrustSense can regulate engine power through the course of the flight and prevents the engine from possible damage on account of over temperature and operation at excessive power levels. Furthermore it can also help reduce the workload on the flight crew by automatic regulation of power during takeoff roll through climb, cruise, descent and landing approach phases, besides providing monitoring and protection against over-speed damage and under-speed stall.

The Company’s patented ThrustSense Turboprop Autothrottle is capable of holding thrust, maintaining selected speed/torque, and implements appropriate limit protection, and can be adapted to all PT6 powered aircraft. The system offer multiple features and benefits such as FADEC engine protection, Vmca protection thrust control, airspeed hold, over temperature protection, RTA speed management, reduced pilot workload and easy installation as per the Company.

Innovative Solutions and Support (NASDAQ: ISSC)

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A rapidly growing airline industry is leading the demand for growing adaptation of technology and innovation in aircraft flight control systems. According to a report by Forensic Research, the global aircraft flight control system market will be worth over USD 14.4 Billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 4.1 percent. The growth of the market is being driven by increased regulatory support, impetus to manufacturing industry, mergers and acquisitions and availability of state-of-the-art technology. Increased risk associated with hacking of systems, stringent regulatory requirements, escalating costs and cut throat competition are some of the challenges that may hamper the growth of the industry.

The Growing incidences of flight crashes caused by flaws in automation systems is resulting in a widespread call for more –sophisticated that will serve as backstops and help pilots gather and process information and in some cases also offer immediate action against life-threatening situations during the course of the flight. Automated flight systems provide reliability and a much needed safety net for flight crew, helping them tackle and overcome critical situations under various scenarios, such as engine adjustments, landing assistance and emergency management.

The Industry is witnessing the evolution of control systems from manual to those that can operated through touch screens, reducing operation and reaction time. In addition areas such as mid-air collision warning and computer assisted emergency management are being increasingly adapted to improve safety. Manufacturers are testing the possibility of integrating Artificial Intelligence into crucial aspects of flight control to offer improved reliability and safety.

The Company is a leading designer of NextGen flight navigation systems that are cost effective and offer precision in flight management for the aerospace industry. Innovative Solutions offers reliability performance and adherence to stringent quality standards through use of cutting-edge avionics technology and unmatched craftsmanship. The Company serves premier aircraft builders, owners and operators including some of the world’s most respected companies. Besides aviation the Company also acts as supplier to Commercial Transport and Military aviation markets. IS&S offers NextGen Avionics Suites, Flight Management Systems, Flat Panel Primary and Flight Navigational Displays, Autothrottles, Engine Instrument Displays, Mission Displays, Integrated Standby Units, advanced Global Positioning Systems (GPS), RNP Navigator and Precision Air Data Instruments as per a Company statement.

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IS&S Cockpit/IP®, a Cockpit Information Portal, enables display of Primary Flight, Navigation, Multi-Function, Engine, and E-Chart data. It combines a reduced LRU’s with advanced graphics symbology to provide accuracy, reliability and flexibility. The system is also available to retrofitting with minimal changes to the existing systems and wiring and adapts itself to systems used in radios, global positioning systems, transponders, and other avionics equipment, as it acts as an open architecture system with the ability to interface with third party avionics providers. In fact the Company offers the Cockpit/IP® as an open architecture turnkey solution to OEM’s as a systems integrator, allowing them to choose the best equipment for their needs.

The Company also offers flight management systems with navigation and mission planning capabilities that improve arrival times, reduce fuel costs, enable performance calculations and airspace situational awareness for use in Air Transport, Military and Business Aviation segments. Furthermore the IS&S also manufactures Engine and Fuel Displays and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum products (RVSM) Products.

Risk Assessment

  • The Company had a very lucrative fourth quarter 2019, with growth in revenues by 27 percent as well as increase earnings and cash flow. IS&S strategy to focus on fewer but potentially more lucrative growth opportunities seem to have paid off, with the quarter being best so far in terms of new orders, with the  highest quarterly order intake rate in more than two years as per Geoffrey Hedrick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IS&S.
  • IS&S also received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its patented ThrustSense® Auto-throttle, which has the potential to revolutionize aircraft safety, besides improving speed control and engine management. The Company is seeking to extend the application of this system beyond King Air to include twin-engine equipped aircraft.
  • As per its fourth quarter 2019 financial results, the Company had $22.4 million of cash on hand, up over two million dollars from September 30, 2018.
  • The Company has backlog orders worth $5.9 million as of September 2019, these exclude potential future ongoing production orders from the Pilatus PC-24 and the KC-46A programs. IS&S is upbeat about the prospects of both these systems and expects them to remain in production for multiple years and add to production sales already in backlog.
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