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Aurora Mobile Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Gain a Stronghold in the Mobile Big Data Analytics Market

13 Feb Aurora Mobile Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Gain a Stronghold in the Mobile Big Data Analytics Market

Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ: JG), a leading developer of big data mobile solutions, announced the launch of a suite of proprietary outbreak analytic and monitoring systems aimed at monitoring and controlling the current outbreak of 2019-nCOV coronavirus, indicated for use by national ministries as well as municipal and provincial authorities. The system will enable the government to make well-informed and targeted decisions for implementation of measures aimed at reigning in the outbreak.

The system will cover over 334 cities in 31 provinces municipalities and autonomous regions across China and will track mobility data of high-risk groups using data updates. In addition, it will also facilitate the monitoring of migration outflows and predict future patterns, thereby equipping local authorities with information about efficacy of their epidemic prevention efforts and the efficiency of their response measures, leading to a better handling of the situation.

The Company is also incorporating a “Migration Backflow Prediction” model that can predict future migration patterns stranded in high-risk areas and likely to return to the place of their origin eventually. The feature will assist in planning for operations and streamlining workforce in low-risk areas prompting post-outbreak economic recovery.

Mr. Weidong Luo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Mobile, commented,

“At this critical juncture, Aurora Mobile will continue to leverage its robust data analytic and modeling capabilities to provide comprehensive technical support to national authorities in the fight against the outbreak. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and will leverage the strength of our platform to support our nation’s battle against the outbreak.”

Furthermore Aurora is developing a statistical model to analyze the relationship between population migration from high-risk areas and the outbreak in places they are migrating to. This is being achieved in collaboration with eminent scholars from Peking University, Fudan University and Renmin University of China. The initiative will leverage the Company’s anonymized data and those from public sources to track high-risk population and help the government undertake targeted and more effective epidemic control efforts.

Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG)

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The advent of the Smartphone has opened up numerous avenues for marketing communication and customer engagement. However the most crucial component of any such marketing strategy is the availability of customer data and critical insights into consumption and usage patterns. This is where mobile analytics comes in. The data generated by mobile platforms, sites and applications is measured and analyzed to gain meaningful insights into customer behavior.

This information is a literal goldmine and can act as the foundation for a company’s marketing and customer outreach efforts, it can propel cross-channel marketing campaigns, used for customizing mobile solutions and offerings to customer groups and most importantly to promote engagement and loyalty.

Big Data Analytics is bringing about exciting new changes in numerous fields such as agriculture , manufacturing, retail and healthcare to name a few. Many fields stand to gain, from the application of meaningful insights provided by machine driven analysis of complex disparate data, available through various sources.

The implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence is making skimming through large information sources even easier. The evolution of this technology enables companies to use this information for crucial decision-making involving stakeholders, employees and customers.

The emergence of multi-cloud based technologies results in use of improved computing mechanisms and more affordable storage. Emerging technology such as blockchain also validates the need and relevance of using data analytics for information processing and decision-making.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global telecom analytics market will be worth over US$ 11.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 18.88 percent. The growth in the market will be driven by increased internet penetration, rising adoption of smartphones and increased investment in social media advertising by companies. However privacy issues, data security and stringent regulatory control may act as an impediment to the growth in the industry.

Humongous amounts of unstructured data are generated by mobile users, it can be through time spent on social media, shopping online or travelling to places. Marketers can use this information to create a customer profile and offer targeted promotions with better chances of realization. In addition, the data can also be used to manager customer churn, revenue management and improved subscription offers.

This information can also take the form of crisis analytics that can help governments and global organizations draft a crisis response to emergency situation such as spread of contagious disease, natural calamities and humanitarian crisis such as wars and terrorist attacks.

Aurora Mobile Limited uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain valuable insights from large amounts of real-time anonymous data. This enables the Company to offer actionable insights, based on behavioral data of customer’s mobile usage, to app developers in the Chinese market. The range of services offered by Aurora can be integrated with any type of mobile applications and facilitate core in-app functionalities such as push notification, instant messaging, analytics, sharing and short message service (SMS). The Company offers its services to premier internet companies such as SINA and Bilibili and retailers such as Starbucks, Yum China and ICBC.

The Company’s services have the ability to be integrated into multiple apps on the same device, thereby providing both online and offline data sources. The data once collected is then stored, processed and encrypted for AI-modeling, resulting in a data that is differentiated in its volume, variety, velocity and veracity. The technology is easily customizable and ripe for adoption in numerous industries. In addition the services of the Company include targeted marketing, financial risk management, market intelligence and location-based intelligence.

Aurora’s efforts are backed by a robust network of over 4,600 servers, strategically located to support its solutions and services that are high-quality and cost-effective. The network facilitates real-time access to customer data and effortless usage of its services and solutions along with great speed, reliability and stability.

Risk Assessment

  • The Company registered an impressive growth in number of apps utilizing the Company’s services from 991,000 as of September 30, 2018 to an estimated 1,386,000 as of September 30, 2019. Additionally, the number of monthly active unique mobile devices to 34 billion in September 2019 from 1.03 billion in September 2018. Most importantly the number of its paying customers increased to 2,312 from 1,877 in the third quarter of 2018 as per its Q3, 2019 financial results. These key metrics indicate that the Company is focused in the right direction.
  • The Company is shifting its focus from traditional targeted marketing to SaaS-nature developer services and SaaS products, which have huge revenue potential in the future, as an increasing number of companies, are outsourcing their IT functions to improve efficiency. Aurora has also decided to bifurcate its revenue, based on its strategic focus, into three categories namely, developer services, SaaS products, and targeted marketing. This will help the Company improve its gross margins, lower their working capital requirements and help expand its TAM.
  • Aurora’s business may be affected by the economic slowdown, resulting in cutdown on marketing and advertising budgets by its customers. The recent incidence of NCoV is also likely to have an impact, as businesses struggle to grapple with the economic fallout of the epidemic on the Chinese economy as a whole.
  • Data analytics market is constantly changing and evolving with the introduction of new technologies, which may make the current systems obsolete. Companies that deal with data need to constantly update and upgrade themselves to offer the latest technology, to cater to the evolving customer needs and offer better products when compared to competitors.
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