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Identiv – All Eyes on the Company as it Unveils its “Comprehensive End-to-End Security Platform” at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019

06 Sep Identiv – All Eyes on the Company as it Unveils its “Comprehensive End-to-End Security Platform” at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019

Identiv (NASDAQ: INVE), a leading player in the global physical access control and identification systems, is set to unveil its comprehensive End-to-End Security Platform for Physical and Logical Access Control, Video and Data Analytics, and RFID and NFC Solutions at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019, an event that helps security professionals connect, network and exchange best practices. The event has over 20000 registered participants with more than 550+ exhibits for security professionals from nearly 110+ countries worldwide. This provides an excellent opportunity to showcase it award-winning security solutions.

The company’s cutting-edge “TS Access Control Solutions with VIP Custom Keys” was recently recognized as “2019 New Product of the Year” by Security Today, an industry leading media brand dedicated to security issues. The company was competing against over 100 entries from other security solutions providers.

Furthermore, Identiv was also awarded the “Leading Provider of Secure Access Control Solutions 2019 – USA” by Corporate Vision (CV) Magazine and AI Global Media Ltd as part of their Corporate Excellence Awards 2019. These awards serve as a validation of its constant efforts to develop innovative and game-changing security solutions.

Mark Allen, General Manager, Premises states

“As we have honed our focus on becoming the world’s most trusted source for total security, we are humbled to be recognized as the leading provider of secure access control solutions in the U.S.”

The company provides physical and cyber security solutions to a wide clientele including government, enterprise consumer, education, healthcare, and transportation sector. 

Identiv (NASDAQ: INVE)

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The Industry
The Global Security Market is estimated to reach USD 167.12 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.3 percent according to a report by Grand View Research. Furthermore, the Global Access Control market is expected to reach USD 12.1 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8.24%, from USD 7.5 billion in 2018 as per a report by Markets and Markets. This presents a great opportunity for holistic security solution providers. The adoption of extensive security measures, owing to a surge in crime rates, is propelling the growth in the market. Investment in Security Solutions is no longer an option, with most countries mandating the use of video surveillance and other security measures in public places to prevent any untoward incidents.

In the U.S Alone, the year 2019 has seen over 10 mass shootings with 51 victims being killed, according to a report by ABCnews. Since 2015, there have been an estimated 1700 mass shootings. The rise in terrorism, lenient gun laws that allow easy access to weaponry and increased unrest and anti-social activities are driving the growth in the Weapons Detection Systems market.

Image Source: ABCNEWS

North America and Europe are facing increased terror threats due to the rise of militant organizations such as ISIS. There is a surge in the smuggling of explosives and weapons due to the rising unrest in third world and middle-eastern countries. Terrorists are increasingly targeting public places for carrying out attacks and that makes any public place, be it a museum, theatre, airport, hospital or restaurant an easy target.

Security forces are ill-equipped to preempt and prevent these deadly attacks due to a lack of advanced detection systems. There is an urgent need for the development of cutting-edge technology that can help detect any such threats, but in an unobtrusive manner. The present day systems for weapons and explosives detection rely on explosive trace detectors, Tomographic EDS, X-Ray Screening systems and metal detectors. However, they are limited by their lack of convenience. They are usually cumbersome and time-consuming and slow down the functioning of a place such as airports or hospitals.

Keeping in pace with the rising demand, companies are now vying to offer high-end security solutions coupled with technological advancements such as adaptation of wireless security, cloud computing, advanced non-intrusive visual surveillance systems to name a few.

Identiv’s portfolio of products includes offerings such as ID Cards and Smart Cards, which incorporate multi-technology or single-technology or include a contact chip to provide access control solutions for building access, transit payments, brand protection to name a few.

Image Source: Company

In addition, it also offers 3VR video intelligence solutions, which provides real-time security and consumer insights. The 3VR vision point is an amalgamation of forensic search and integrated video analytics, which offers scalability and advanced video analytics. The system also helps translate raw data into real-time insights for its customers, along with access to CrimeDex, which is an online network of fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals. It also offers the flexibility to integrate existing data systems and cameras.

The combined companies’ breadth of solutions across our Hirsch Access Control, 3VR video surveillance, real-time analytics, our access readers, RFID and identity cards would represent a complete solution for customers to adopt an entire physical security platform that’s extensible into real-time people and item tracking, consumer experience enhancement and business optimization.

Furthermore the Company offers NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication) solutions, suitable for contactless transactions and connecting electronic devices with a simple tap-and-go model. This technology can help design novel marketing communication including smart posters and business cards, mobile payments and ticketing, loyalty programs, promotional campaigns, simple electronic device pairing and setup and proximity data communication to name a few.

Image Source: Company

Their Smart Card reader portfolio includes solutions for contact, mobile, RFID, NFC and contactless options. In its quest to provide comprehensive security solutions, the company also offers video and data analytics services to its customers. Thursby, its mobile security range develops apps, dongles, reader cases and software that are capable of encrypting and decrypting information from Apple iOS and Android devices.

The company also produces the Enterphone range of intelligent telephone entry and visitor management solutions for residential and enterprise use. Identiv has a dedicated 24/7 assistance team comprising of support and system engineers with a direct line to Identiv Product Management and Engineering.

The company has entered into strategic partnerships with companies that align with its focus on offering leading solutions for a range of security scenarios. Some of its partners include 3VR, American Dynamics, Aventura, CISCO (NASDAQ: CSCO), Genetec (0104.KL), Legrand Verint to name a few. These collaborations allow the company to build an access platform capable of integrations.

Risk Assessment

  • The global security solutions market is burgeoning, and the demand for path breaking systems such as Identiv will continue to grow, to address the challenges of the increasing complexity of security threats.
  • The company is focussed on offering comprehensive security solutions ranging from entry point systems to mobile security. This will help the company capitalise on the growing demand for security measures in numerous fields ranging from physical security to mobile security. This will also help it diversify its risk and make optimal use of its capital and resources.
  • Identiv has strategic tie-ups with other players in the security services market and focuses on integration across various platforms, which adds to its appeal and makes it a cutting-edge product.
  • The biggest challenge for the company will be to stay ahead of its competitors. The Security Solutions space is highly competitive, with companies investing heavily in research and development, to come up with the next big idea. This calls for constant innovation and setting trends much ahead of others.
  • The technology has potential for multiple applications and the company should diversify into providing solutions to other areas as well such as entertainment and sports arenas, in order to leverage its expertise and maximize its returns.
  •  Conclusion
    Identiv is striving to be a game-changer in the security solutions market. The company seems poised to make great strides in the future with its focus on bringing innovation through its products and attention to customer service.

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